Flash Fiction

Stories with a word limit of 50 (or a character limit of 280).

Instructions for Christian Living

1860. An austere teacher, reading from the Bible – Ephesius – hears whispering. A rattan cane falls once, again, and again; then the offending boy must copy the passage out. The boy is blinded by tears before he reaches 4:32, which says:

“And be ye kind to one another, tenderhearted, and forgiving.”


In the days when postage was paid by the recipient, there lived an old woman in London. Every month an envelope came for her. She could never afford to take it. She couldn’t read anyway. But just seeing the envelope gave her one message from her son: “Still alive.”


The family gathers around the fire. Not all are related: the divorced friend, the lonely neighbour – they too are welcome here. The house is small, but these bricks and mortar are shelter from the long winter. Outside is dark and bitter cold. Inside is warmth, light, and love.